SDI Office

View CGM and other vector or image graphics files, view, convert and print. SDI Office is a multi-purpose Windows application for viewing, conversion and printing graphics and image files. View multiple 2-D formats including CGM, PDF, PostScript, HPGL, DWG/DXF, EMF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, XWD and CA ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
Software TypeFree
Software Version1.0
Company NameSDI

RE-STUDIO: THE NEW RESERVOIR SIMULATION PLATFORM RE-Studio is the ideal environment for every reservoir engineer involved in hydrocarbon dynamic flow simulation, with oil and gas industry standard simulators. RE-Studio modules best fit your needs: RE-Studio targets different business simulators, ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
Software TypeCommercial
Software Version2.1
Company NameAmarile

IMpulse™ Popular

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is the software application developed by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. for "High Frequency Data Curation & Management" & "Real-Time Monitoring, Analysis and Modeling of Wells" & "Real-Time Reservoir Management". IMpulse™ provides a comprehensive workflow for the development of Intelligent ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
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Software TypeCommercial
Software Version1
Software IncludesVideo Tutorial, Training Material
Company NameIntelligent Solutions, Inc.
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