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RE-STUDIO: THE NEW RESERVOIR SIMULATION PLATFORM RE-Studio is the ideal environment for every reservoir engineer involved in hydrocarbon dynamic flow simulation, with oil and gas industry standard simulators. RE-Studio modules best fit your needs: RE-Studio targets different business simulators, ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
Software TypeCommercial
Software Version2.1
Company NameAmarile

PHDRMS Popular

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PHDRMS is a comprehensive tool used to track and report corporate reserves and performance data. PHDRMS seamlessly integrates with PHDWin, TRC's decline curve and economic analysis software.Use PHDRMS to archive reserves data and forecast from multiple PHDWin projects into a single SQL database, sim ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
Software TypeCommercial
Software Version1.1
Software IncludesTraining Material
Company NameTRC Consultants, LC
GeoX Exploration Risk, Resource, and Value Assessment Software

Assess exploration opportunities GeoX exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software provides easy-to-use and scalable decision support for consistent, unbiased, and accurate assessments of your exploration opportunities in any environment or risk scenario. GeoX software can be customize ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
Software TypeCommercial
Software Version2016.1
Company NameSchlumberger

Pars WellTest Analyser (PWA) Popular

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Pars WellTest Analyser (PWA)

Pars Welltest Analyser (PWA) is a comprehensive package for analyzing and history matching transient well test data. The applied analytical methods in PWA and also numerical methods in our future development plan help engineers to interpret reservoir flow characteristics and predict future productio ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
Software TypeCommercial
Software Version1.0 Beta
Software IncludesBrochure, Training Material
Company NameRIPI

Stereonet 9 Popular

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Stereonet 9

Stereonet 9 brings location and date tagging of individual measurements as well as a free form notes field. Points with location data can be plotted on a Google satellite (or terrain or roadmap) image right in the program. This version of Stereonet is compatible with all modern operating systems and ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Linux, Macintosh
Software TypeFree
Software Version9.8.3
Software IncludesTraining Material
Company NameRick Allmendinger's Stuff

PEOffice Popular

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We are solving the issue of reservoir to well to gathering integration for RE's and PE's who are frustrated by old software engines which they are forced to rely on to run analysis and properly design. With PEOffice, you can perform all proper field optimization functions from 1 single app: Perform ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Linux
Software TypeCommercial
Software Version6.0
Software IncludesPublication, Brochure, Video Tutorial, Training Material
Company NameOptimization Petroleum Technologies, Inc

Roxar Tempest ENABLE Popular

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Roxar Tempest ENABLE

ENABLE acts as the front end to the reservoir simulator. By taking into account all engineering data & tolerances concurrently, ENABLE intelligently drives the simulator through hundreds of realisations, rather than the few that manual simulation allows. Simulation results are achieved much more ...
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Operating SystemWindows 64bit, Linux
LinkedIn GroupVisit our group on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Roxar-Software-Solutions-2602819
Software TypeCommercial
Software Version2012
Software IncludesVideo Tutorial, Training Material
Company NameRoxar Software Solutions AS

ResAssure Popular

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ResAssure is a stochastic simulation software solution, powered by robust and extremely fast reservoir simulator. The staggering speed-up is achieved by innovative numerical solutions and advanced mathematical formulations for solving subsurface challenges.   The robust simulator enables ResAssure t ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Linux, Macintosh
Facebook PageVisit our page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/StochasticSimulation
Twitter PageVisit our page on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/StochasticSL
Google+ PageVisit our page on Google+ https://plus.google.com/Stochasticsimulation
Software TypeCommercial
Software Version1.0
Software IncludesBrochure, Video Tutorial, Training Material
Company NameStochastic Simulation

CLEAN UP AND CONTROL YOUR PETREL PROJECT CONTENT The Project Management Toolbox provides tools for making it easier and faster to manage data objects inside a Petrel project. You can save time by organizing and cleaning up your projects, and through better disc usage and data consistency with other ...
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Operating SystemWindows 64bit
Software TypeCommercial
Software Version14.2
Company NameCegal AS
iQx - well data management and analysis

iQx gives the user a deeper insights into well projects. Drawing on data from more than 6,000 wells drilled on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, it helps the drilling teams be the best. Syncronised with all industry recognised drilling reporting systems iQx highlights operational, technical and "best ...
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Operating SystemWindows 64bit
Software TypeCommercial
Software VersionV5
Company NameAGR
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