Request A Specific Category On PetroMehras Directory

PetroMehras Directory currently serves oil and gas software listings related to categories listed in "SOFTWARE CATEGORIES" menu on the left side of directory home-page. However, specific categories can be requested by users. Below is category specific request process:

a) submit your software product(s) under "Miscellaneous Category" on PetroMehras Directory.
b) your software listing(s) may be published after PMD editorial team approval in the "Miscellaneous Category".
c) use "Report" button on the detailed software listing page to request a new category for your software product(s).

New categories may be created once PMD team receives at least five (5) listing requests for similar category through the above process. In this case PetroMehras Directory team may choose but is not obligated to inform the listing owner to change the software listing category. The listing owner is responsible to make sure changing software listing category to the newly created one through "Manage Your Listing" panel next time he/she logs-in to PetroMehras Directory website. Each software listing should submit specific category request separately.

NOTE: Specific categories can be requested by a user but are created at the sole discretion of the PetroMehras Directory team.

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