How To Generate More Petroleum Software Sales Online

PetroMehras Directory (PMD) is a professional petroleum software directory hierarchically arranged from broad to specific by oil and gas major disciplines. PMD provides innovative and cutting edge business solutions to the oil and gas software companies and individual developers to market and promote their petroleum software products and services through an online platform. The following are some of the features PMD offers to increase your petroleum software awareness and sales:

  • logo icon
    Logo icon is PMD symbol which can be placed on your petroleum software web-page as an indication of your software listing on PetroMehras Directory.
  • petroleum software review
    PMD "Review" section allows software users to share their opinion about your petroleum software features, training, support, ... with other E&P professionals.
  • rating and voting
    Users can "rate and vote" petroleum software products while posting their reviews/comments. These features are indication of software popularity in the O&G market.
  • communication channel
    "Report" button on petroleum software profile page provides a direct communication channel between software users and software developers (i.e., listing owner).
  • pre-sale questions
    Providing 'Pre-Sales Questions URL' or 'FAQ URL' gives E&P professionals the opportunity to contact petroleum software solution companies directly for more information.
  • newsletter
    Recently updated petroleum software products will be included in PMD newsletter which will be sent to E&P professionals.
  • sharing
    'Recommend' button on petroleum software profile page allows software visitors to share and inform E&P professionals in their social network.
  • support forum
    This field allows petroleum software solution companies to direct their customers business and/or technical support requests to their support portal or help desk.
  • software inclusion
    PMD provides options to upload petroleum software related articles like; 'Publications', 'White Papers', 'Video Tutorials' and 'Training Materials' directly onto their software profile page.
  • software URL links
    'Software Homepage', 'Download', 'Support Forum', 'Documentation', 'Pre-Sales Questions' and 'Demo' URL links allow users to learn more about petroleum software details.
  • operating system
    This field indicates petroleum software compatibility with available Operating System (OS) in the market.
  • featured software
    Software listings which are highlighted as "Featured" will have higher chance of being viewed by potential customers through "Featured Software" modules.
  • social networking
    PMD provides "social network" web-links (i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+) to share petroleum software profile on their social networks.
  • software snapshot
    Up to six petroleum software snapshots (e.g., software outputs, panels,...) can be included in the software profile.
  • profile visits, site visits
    The number of petroleum software listing "profile visits" and "site visits" are displayed on listing summary and detail pages.

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