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Want To Increase Petroleum Software Sales? Read This Short Article ...

It's a common practice in oil and gas industry that sales representatives from oil and gas service companies visit NOCs and Oil Companies to provide a demo of their petroleum software products for marketing purpose.

And once sales contract is closed the following story begins:

Oil and gas professionals will have to spend a lot of time visiting petroleum software vendor's website or contact their regional sales representative to get updated with the latest petroleum software version and learn about new features and enhancements added to the software.

How to reduce this time gap?

The answer to the above question is the key to the success of your business. Try to reduce the time required for E&P professionals to stay updated with your petroleum software products - IMPORTANT!. The easiest and less expensive way is to invite E&P professionals to register on your site to receive the latest news about your petroleum software products and update them with the following information right in their mail box. They want to:

  • know when new release of your petroleum software product would be available
  • regularly get updated with the latest petroleum software version
  • learn about new petroleum software features and enhancements
  • recently discussed titles about your software product in the technical forum
  • receive high quality support and training materials
  • stay in touch with your local representative in their region
  • Update them with exhibitions you are attending for promoting your petroleum software
  • send them updated training course schedule
  • be invited to petroleum software user's events

Try to increase the touch points with your targeted audience, provide high quality technical materials, support and well documented and organized petroleum software user manual.