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Blueback Project Tracker Plugin For Petrel

Track and monitor your Petrel projects

The Blueback Project Tracker is a plug-in for Petrel* for data managers to track and monitor Petrel projects from all their Petrel users. The Blueback Project Tracker is accessible from outside Petrel and is a tool used by the data managers responsible for maintaining order and structure of the Petrel project files on the various network disks.

  • How many Petrel projects do you have?
  • Do you have duplicated data?
  • How do you monitor your reference projects and is your data correctly referenced?

Many questions are difficult for data managers to know the answers to. With the Blueback Project Tracker, and its rich set of functions for tracking and monitoring Petrel projects and users, data managers can now define their data management procedures and company policies. The Blueback Project Tracker will search through all specified disks on the network and populate a SQL database with Petrel project information from all projects. With an easy-to-use web interface, the Blueback Project Tracker is an excellent tool for data managers to get an overview of Petrel project content and monitor changes over time.

The Blueback Project Tracker will assist you in:

  • Preventing chaotic and uncontrollable project storing - Avoiding saving projects in unwanted locations
  • Assisting disk usage optimization
  • Locating and identify specific data
  • Getting an overview of the Petrel project relationships
  • Monitoring Petrel projects and Petrel users over time
  • Revealing data inconsistencies and Petrel reference relations - Tracking data imported using OpenSpirit
  • Integrating Petrel projects with Esri and ArcMap®

Blueback Project Tracker Spatial

The Spatial module makes it possible for data managers to use the Esri ArcGis® products to visualize the findings in the Blueback Project Tracker database. Using Esri ArcGIS® to display mis-positioned Petrel data, data duplications and project outlines, together with cultural data like coast lines and license boundaries, enables Petrel data managers to quickly take action when errors are detected. The visualization is also of great help when streamlining project management processes.

Blueback Project Tracker Geodata Exchange

The Geodata Exchange module makes it possible for data managers to get an overview of OpenSpirit data sources (Geoframe, OpenWorks or KINGDOM projects) used by Petrel projects. The OpenSpirit data sources are cross referenced with the Petrel projects. The data managers can also monitor the usage of data items imported through OpenSpirit to Petrel in both user projects and reference projects.