Blueback Toolbox Plugin For Petrel

Maximize your Petrel investment

The Blueback Toolbox suite of plug-ins for Petrel* contains Petrel functionality features that are not available in standard Petrel. The Blueback Toolbox provides Petrel users with close to 100 plug-ins to help them speed up and improve their work through functionality complementing standard Petrel.

It covers the geophysics, geology, geomodeling and the reservoir engineering domains, in addition to assisting the Petrel user with a series of tools for better managing the Petrel projects. With close to 1000 users worldwide, the Blueback Toolbox has enjoyed excellent success and will be upgraded continuously through future releases.

Geophysics – Speed up and expand your seismic data workflows

The Blueback Geophysics Toolbox offers a wide range of functionality from seismic data analysis tools, data manipulation and editing, seismic interpretation operations and expanded data import/export options. Frequency spectrum, folded seismic stacking, import images as 2D lines, merge cubes and create velocity cubes are popular examples of the rich set of tools the Blueback Geophysics Toolbox provides.

Geology – Speed up and expand your geomodeling workflows

The Blueback Geology Toolbox includes a series of tools for input data preparation and QC, data analysis, fault analysis, 3D property modeling and QC and log data upscaling. The focus is to provide Petrel users with functionality features that speed up and improves the many geomodeling workflows.

Reservoir Engineering – Speed up and expand your Petrel RE workflows

The Blueback Reservoir Engineering Toolbox includes tools complementing plug-ins to improve reservoir engineering workflows. Water saturation calculator, tartan gridding, 3D grid QC, pressure gradient analysis, interactive well trajectory creation and RelPerm generator are good examples of the tools offered in the Blueback Reservoir Engineering Toolbox.

Project Management – Clean up and control your Petrel project content

The Blueback Project Management Toolbox includes tools to assist Petrel users in keeping their Petrel projects organized and manageable. Tools like the project report, project scanner, find & rename, general ASCII data reader, various additional import and export options supports the Petrel users to manage their projects. The integration with the Blueback Project Tracker product makes it possible for data managers to give Petrel users advice on how to keep their data consistent and up to date.

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