Glass - See Clarity With Divestco Glass

Advanced Interpretation - Maximize your exploration budget with Glass

Designed from the ground-up with your exploration workflow in mind, Glass is a revolutionary advancement in Seismic Interpretation. Built on a foundation of tried and true science, Glass offers a modern user interface and compelling licensing options to maximize your exploration budget.

The Glass Advantage


Precision & Power

Reach your exploration targets more accurately with:

  • Interactive filters and postings that provide immediate visual feedback helping you to quickly interpret in a number of ways
  • Precise coordinate conversation and well planning with a GIS based map
  • Easy-to-create, detailed maps with a gridding and contouring package that leverages industry acknowledged algorithms
  • Advanced line and signal matching tools to resolve mis-tie problems
  • Innovative ways to interpret, alone or as a team, such as tablet interpretation and 3D visualization

Increased Productivity - Modern Interface & Industry Recognized Workflows

Increase interpretation productivity through:

  • Straightforward navigation, robust data loading and management, 3D visualization and tablet interpretation
  • A modern ribbon interface and intuitive workflow that allows you to forget about the application and focus on your data
  • Flexible pricing that allows you to maximize your exploration investment

Unparalled Support - Decades of experience

As a local Calgary-based company, Divestco is focused on providing a high-level of customer service. Our knowledgeable support personnel are located at our head office in Calgary and ready to serve you. With decades of geological and geophysical software experience, our team of developers are continually improving all aspects of our software. This commitment to our customers and products has enabled us to successfully service 1,479 companies with work in 56 countries.

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