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Pars Reservoir Volume Estimator - Pars RVEAN - Material Balance Method

Pars RVEAN, is a software to Estimate Hydrocarbon Volume in Place via Artificial Neural Network Model.

This software could be used to estimate reservoir properties such as; Porosity, water saturation and net to grass ratio. The results could be unloaded as graph and tables. This software calculates original hydrocarbon in place via volumetric method (material balance) using generated reservoir property volumes from geological modeling processes.

check software here PVT Pro Petroleum Engineering Software Application

Main Features:

  • Loading Petrophysical well data, Geophysical Data, Geology Data and Reservoir Geometry data into the software
  • Define boundary and creating reservoir gridding and load all input data into the grids
  • Design a MLPBP neural network and preparing input and output data in order to train and test designed neural network
  • Estimating petrophysical properties by trained neural network and create petrophysical property models of reservoir
  • Calculating original hydrocarbon in place based on crated property models of reservoir

check software here Pars RVEAN Engineering Software Application

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