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PVT Pro as one of MAPSA Technology Center’s developed software, is applied for simulation of reservoir fluids properties. Application of updated empirical relationships and thermodynamic equations as well as a user-friendly graphical interface, makes PVT Pro an advanced tool for reservoir fluids simulation.

check software here PVT Pro Petroleum Engineering Software Application

Fluid Composition Definition and Two-Phase Diagrams

Two-Phase Diagrams for Gas Condensate Fluids Reservoir with High Speed and Precision

Two-Phase Envelope and Plots on other properties of gas condensates are rarely predictable by current commercial reservoir fluids properties simulators due to their special thermodynamic conditions. Such inabilities can be attributed to low precision in algorithms for plotting two-phase diagrams and equations for calculation of Binary Interaction Parameters. In commercial software surveyed in the preliminary study, it was observed that in near critical temperature and pressure conditions, algorithms do not converge to the right point and software illustrates improper outcomes as phase diagram. Due to its unique computational structure, PVT Pro calculates fluid sample properties with superior preciseness and speed. Thermodynamic equations implemented in PVT Pro have been modified and optimized so as to predict reservoir fluid properties ranging from heavy oil reservoirs to gas condensate reservoirs with the most precision and speed. Above image depicts two-phase envelop generated by PVT Pro for fluid sample from a gas reservoir. Furthermore, plots of a quality lines with a value of choice is not possible via other software and only the number of quality lines can be distinguished. PVT Pro, however, has the ability to plot multiple quality lines with distinct quality values.

check software here PVT Pro Petroleum Engineering Software Application

Diverse Empirical Equations for Predictions of Plus Fraction Properties

Diverse relationships have been implemented for the calculation of critical properties and acentric factor for plus fractions which are optional to the user. By choosing each method, limitations of each relationship is shown. PVT Pro Equations for prediction of plus fraction critical values include:

  • TWU
  • Riazi-Daubert (1987)
  • Riazi-Daubert (1980)
  • Cavett
  • Lee-Kesler
  • Winn-Sim
  • Watansiri-Owens-Starling
  • Pedersen

check software here PVT Pro Petroleum Engineering Software Application

Ternary Plots

Depictions of ternary diagrams is of the unique capabilities of MTC’s PVT Pro. Components can be divided into 3 groups through grouping tool implemented in PVT Pro or automatically grouped in the software.

Analysis of Ions Present in Brine Water and Characterization of Brine Water

PVT Pro Stiff Diagram Analyzer gives users the ability to analyze and compare different formation water samples in a user-friendly interface (Figure 23). Statistical calculations as well as option for filtering samples are Stiff Analyzer’s major capabilities. Water related parameters such as Formation Volume Factor (Bw), Compressibility (Cw), Viscosity (μw), Density (ρw) can also be calculated using input data and existing empirical relationships.

check software here PVT Pro Petroleum Engineering Software Application

Diverse and Practical Viscosity Models

PVT Pro currently covers all 8 major viscosity models describing oil and gas viscosity at different temperature and pressure ranges including:

  • LBC (1964)
  • Fong-Nghiem (1980)
  • Pedersen (1984)
  • Pedersen- Fredenslund (1987)
  • Asberg - Petersen (1991)
  • Friction Theory (2001)
  • Modified Friction Theory
  • Jossi-Steil-Thodos (1997)
  • Importantly, updated models like “Friction Theory” exist (which do not appear in similar software due to not being updated).

check software here PVT Pro Petroleum Engineering Software Application

Contamination Removal from Drilling Mud

Through the drilling procedure, oil bases are extensively used and drilling samples are often contaminated with such oils. In natural hydrocarbons, a linear relationship on semi-logarithmic scale exists between mole fraction and molecular weight for C8 and heavier components. Oil based drilling mud commonly include C10 to C23; Thus samples often exhibit positive deviations from linear behavior in semi-logarithmic scale.
Through PVT Pro, users can plot fluid phase equilibrium diagram and fingerprints before and after contamination removal.

check software here PVT Pro Petroleum Engineering Software Application

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