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Innovation is creating opportunities throughout the energy industry. In the field, new drilling techniques are allowing more wells per site. Offshore rigs are reaching depths never imagined possible. Plays considered at end-of-life are proving profitable once again. In turn, companies like yours are rapidly expanding – and experiencing the growing pains that go along with scaling up the business.


Excalibur is a suite of software modules that address energy business requirements, streamline workflows and reduce risk. Excalibur can be offered in a variety of formats – online, hosted, or on premise. Enterprise integration and deep functionality help you control operational and capital expenses. Whether you’re a new business or a well-established energy company, P2’s innovations in oil and gas software enable you to run your business more efficiently and profitably.

Financial Accounting

Fully integrated with P2’s suite of enterprise operational planning and land management software, Excalibur’s Financial Accounting Module includes everything you need to better manage cash, budgeting, reporting and vendor analysis.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

A winning business intelligence and reporting strategy revolves around getting actionable information to the right people at the right time. Within our solution you’ll find ad hoc query writing capabilities, real-time data access and Excalibur SQL Connect which replicates your data in a standard relational database for easy reporting.

Oil & Gas Accounting

From asset management to authorization for expenditures (AFE) and joint interest billing (JIB), to royalty and tax reporting, we have you covered. Excalibur’s Oil and Gas Accounting module can help you get the most value from assets and control your costs.

Land Management

Land management is one of the most important activities in your organization. Excalibur’s Land Management module, developed based on oil and gas industry best practices, our IT knowledge and deep resource pool, includes all the functionality you need to ensure timely, efficient management of leases, deeds, records and contracts.

Volumes Management

Daily and monthly production tracking, reporting and analysis are essential to making informed decisions that result in maximized profitability. Volumes Management gives you visibility into well productivity and automates production regulatory reporting to state and federal agencies.

Gas Management

Gas management encompasses contracts, availability and balancing, nominations and making deals. Excalibur’s Gas Management module provides information, visibility and control you need to find the extra margin critical to profitability in upstream gas operations.

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