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Simulator training environment hiCRANE Offshore simulators provide high quality 3D visualization of a synthesized virtual offshore platform environment. In the full-scale simulators, the crane operator is seated in a cabin fully surrounded by an interactive world, which can be easily populated and configured by the instructor. He has full flexibility to generate exercises resembling real world working conditions. The combination of visual information, physical movements and audio, results in a very realistic simulation of the actual working environment. Moreover, the ability to log, replay, report and analyse simulation runs, helps the instructor to execute the training in the most efficient manner. The simulator can be suited to every customer’s needs. We will make your optimal hiCRANE Port simulator thanks to our wide range of flexible components. Cost saving opportunity Purchasing a customized hiCRANE Offshore simulator will let you conduct training sessions on your own facilities, using your own procedures, without impacting on equipment downtime for training. Unlike conventional training, our simulators let you repeat training scenarios as many times as needed. Your crane operators will gain and improve the basic and advanced skill sets they will need to be safe, reliable and productive on the job. A safer working environment will be created for everyone at the worksite. Our simulator helps to establish more safety oriented practices. It gives you the opportunity to implement one training practice and a certification framework, which help to reduce errors, damage and accidents. Consequently, it decreases the number of On-the-Job Training days needed. By lowering the risk, you have less production stops and you can reduce the insurance costs of your operation. Overall, hiCRANE offers potential to realize significant operational cost savings. Key simulation features:
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