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Derrick Morrisby

software for learning purpose
Hello, like other guys here, I am interested in your software and wanted to know if I can have a student copy of it for learning purpose. I appreciated if you could guide me to have access to OG-PROBE

Ebook Link
hi, you have directed to the software ebook link for more information on OG-PROBE features (the following statement), but I couldn't find any. Would you please advice.

"The software ebook (click our website link) documents the features, capabilities and guidelines to run a Microsoft Windows-based software called OG-PROBE (which means oil and gas probe)."

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Diagnostic plots display
I am a Geochemist and am dealing with too many scattered data related to chemical element and mineral distribution from different well. I am looking for a tool to organize all these data in one place and help me to understand data to make better decisions. This software seems to be doing this based on its’ description. Would you provide website link to learn more about software features and capabilities. I would like to explore “diagnostic plots” feature.

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