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Intelligent Data Evaluation & Analysis; IDEA™ is the most comprehensive and best known AI&DM engine for intelligent, data driven modeling in the industry. It has been successfully used in developing workflows and intelligent models for a variety of E&P applications including reservoir characterization, well testing, drilling operation, surface facility modeling, wellbore modeling to name a few. Some of the workflows that have been developed using IDEA™ include: GEOSCIENCES: Developing Synthetic Well Logs, including Magnetic Resonance Logs from Conventional Logs. Core-Log Correlation for Clastic as well as Carbonate Formations. Rock Typing from SCAL data, Correlating Well Logs with Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSP). Correlating VSP to 3D Seismic and Cross-Well Tomography … PRODUCTION: Developing EOS and Predicting GOR from fluid data. Modeling Separator & Central Compressor Station Facilities. Wellbore Modeling. Fluid Flow Through Pipes (Flow Regimes). Artificial Lift. Optimizing Choke Size … RESERVOIR: Correlation of Production Data with Well Logs & Seismic. Production Modeling & Forecasting. Up-scaling. Surrogate Reservoir Models for Real-Time Reservoir Simulation and Modeling. Building complete reservoir models from production data and well logs. Pressure Transient Analysis … DRILLING: Optimizing Rate of Penetration, Bit Selection, …

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