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IMpress™ Popular

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IMpress™is the software application developed by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. for "Intelligent Reservoir Characterization - IRC". IMpress™ provides a comprehensive workflow for the development of Intelligent Reservoir Characteristics. "Intelligent Reservoir Characterization - IRC" is part of a new cl ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
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Software TypeCommercial
Software Version1
Software IncludesVideo Tutorial, Training Material
Company NameIntelligent Solutions, Inc.

GVERSE Connect

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GVERSE Connect

Data interoperability is critical in optimizing the accuracy of reservoir characterization and maximizing the productivity of the entire asset team. GVERSE Connect was developed to address the need for data interoperability between the Petrel® E&P software platform and GeoGraphix, ultimately let ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
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Software TypeCommercial
Software Version2016.1
Software IncludesPlug-in
Company NameLMKR Holdings
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