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Log Data Manager Popular

0 reviews
Log Data Manager

Log Data Manager (LDM) is designed for wellbore data reporting and file renaming for national and international wellbore data. It auto-generates info and summary files based on file content. It is a powerful and unique tool with high capacity, a very large number of files could be handled in one ope ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
Profile TypeCommercial
Profile Version1.0
Company NameLogtek AS

GeolOil is a software package suite for static reservoir modeling, providing solutions for petrophysics, geomechanics, upscaling, mapping, volumetrics, technology screening and Corner Point Simulation Gridding. The LAS well log reader and plotter module allows to read and visualize digital LAS files ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Macintosh
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Profile TypeCommercial
Profile Version2014
Profile IncludesVideo Tutorial
Company NameGeolOil Corporation

LESA Popular

★★1 reviews

Full shaley formation and complex lithology petrophysical interpretation with interactive graphical capabilities, data clean up, normalization, and user defined programs and equations. We have concentrated on ease of use, with the capability of batch processing on hundreds of wells. Modules are also ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
Profile TypeCommercial
Profile Version1.0
Company NameDigital Formation, Inc.

Virtual Light Table Popular

0 reviews
Virtual Light Table

Virtual Light Table (VLT) is designed for QC of wellbore data (visually comparing field prints and digital logs). The software is one of the most important internal tools due to its ability in increasing the accuracy and efficiency when quality checking wellbore data.

Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
Profile TypeCommercial
Profile Version1.0
Company NameLogtek AS

PRIME Popular

★★★4 reviews

PRIME is a software package to process, analyze and store geoscience data. This software has a modular structure and provided in a package including the PRIME platform + DLL modules to be hooked up with the platform. Depending on the problems a user faces the PRIME system gets configured accordingly ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit
Profile TypeCommercial
Profile Version4.36.02.007
Profile IncludesPlug-in
Company NameGeoTEC RnD

PetroExpert™ is designed for petrophysical modeling and log data interpretation. It contains modules for standard and advanced log data interpretation.

Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Linux
Profile TypeCommercial
Profile Version2.0
Company NamePANGEA Inc.,

CycloLog® Popular

★★0 reviews

Biostratigraphy and chemostratigraphy are not always available in well correlation projects, or do not always provide sufficient constraints. Consequently, correlations and stratigraphic models derived from them can remain uncertain. CycloLog® is well correlation software which: Enhances interpre ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
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Profile TypeCommercial
Profile Version1
Company NameENRES International
InterACT Logging Data Delivery

Get real-time data delivery through the InterACT app for quick access to your current logging data, as well as access to information after operations have concluded.

Operating SystemMacintosh
Profile TypeCommercial
Profile Version1
Profile IncludesMobile App
Company NameSchlumberger
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