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Petrophysics Software

Petrophysical Engineering discipline is a member of the reservoir integrated study and management team. Petrophysicists interpret acquired well log data from newly drilled wells from a field to provide insights on reservoir rock properties such as relation between porosity and permeability on log scale, porosity, initial water saturation, 2d volumetrics, calculating Net reservoir rock (NTG), etc. Later, these basic information are used in other disciplines like geology and geoscience engineering to generate 3D volumes of reservoir properties.

Below you can find a list of FREE and commercial Petrophysics Software provided by oil and gas software companies.

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Understanding PetroPhysics1 Popular

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Understanding PetroPhysics1

Understanding Petrophysics1 is developed primarily to offer assistance to petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers, researchers, drilling engineers, petroleum production engineers, completion engineers, petrophysicists, petroleum geologists, students (undergraduates, postgraduates, etc.), and other ...
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Operating SystemWindows 32bit, Windows 64bit
Software TypeFree
Software Version1.0
Software IncludesMobile App
Company Namepaschalnwanosike
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