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Sara Samigby

well correlation
I need a simple and affordable petrophysical software to generate well correlations and save it in CMG format. Does JLog handle it?
How much is a license?

JFunction analysis
Does the software handle saturation hight modeling to generate 3D models?
Owner's reply

Majid, just found your question and here is what JLog does regarding it. I hope it helps.

JLog utilizes the FOIL BVW Saturation-height approach to estimate Sw above the Free Water Level. The FOIL model is for advanced users only.
The hydrocarbons in place estimate determined by a traditional resistivity-based model can be checked with a Saturation-height function like FOIL in water-wet reservoirs under suitable conditions. Under ideal conditions it is possible to estimate reserves when only porosity is known.
The FOIL (Cuddy et al, 1993, SPWLA Symposium, Paper H) Saturation-height Function estimates BVW based on height (H) above Free Water Level (FWL). BVW(FOIL)=A*H^B where A and B are constants. Sw can be computed at any H: Sw=BVW(FOIL)/Porosity. JLog uses total or effective porosity.

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