MEERA DX Platform™

The MEERA DX Platform is the engine that powers Digital Energy Cloud solutions. It provides all of the tools needed to build integrated workflow and information management solutions for high value technical and commercial data, with low coding requirements:

Workflow Orchestration

The MEERA DX Platform workflow services orchestrate all business and technical activities between people working together online. The system provides workflow design and monitoring tools to help track business process performance.

The MEERA Workflow Design package provides an interactive workflow designer that allows users to visually model the overall flowchart, using activities and transitions, assign users and groups to swim-lanes and perform actions on transitions between activities. The customer solution can be updated instantly simply be updating and re-deploying workflows end user portals

A variety of actions are installed out of the box, including data updates, email sending and custom script execution

Data Integration

The MEERA Platform provides support for handling a wide variety of data types, through a flexible data access stack:

The MEERA Data Modelling tools allow data modellers and administrators define their solution structured data model. The package allows the construction of the data model through manual data entry, uploading of data model workbooks or by connecting to existing data sources.

The tools are designed to support large scale data models with hundreds of entities and thousands of attributes, drawn from multiple data sources.

The data publishing tools allow modell

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