The Studio E&P Knowledge environment supports the Petrel E&P software platform and Techlog wellbore software platform to enable multiuser collaboration and effective capturing and sharing of knowledge between users throughout the life cycle of the field.

With comprehensive tools for collaboration—and data and knowledge access, management, and capture powered by industry-standard database technologies—the Studio environment helps drive productivity for petrotechnical users.

Find your information

The Studio environment provides a fast, powerful, and intuitive way for users of the Petrel and Techlog platforms to search, identify, and consume information in the context of their project and workflows. You can filter multiple information sources—including third-party content providers—on any value of metadata and display the results in a variety of ways to instantly uncover previous work, interpretations, and critical information in your area of interest. You can either consume the information directly into your working environment or share the results with others. The Find tool empowers a new level of data discovery, putting the information you need right where you need it. For more information on searching across third-party content, see the WorldMap.

Collaborate with your team

The Studio environment promotes collaboration by enabling team members to promote the elements of their project that are relevant to the rest of the team or business. Capturing the status and quality of interpretation as it is published to the Studio environment ensures integrity and reliability for other team members—both now and in the future.

By subscribing to notifications on data of interest, team members can receive alerts on the work of others that is relevant to their current workflow. Facilitating a multiuser concurrent-access environment and providing the required scalability over large data sets are key elements for unconventional and exploration workflows.

Manage your knowledge

The Studio environment provides a proven scalable database supported by industry standard technology (Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server). It is specifically designed to handle E&P project data as well as the knowledge related to that data, all stored together in context. This capability facilitates better retention and reuse of generated knowledge.

With Studio Manager, data managers have all the administration and core data management tools required to quickly understand the state of the Studio environment. You can capture, retain, and deliver the necessary results to the asset team—enabling data managers to ascertain the status of repositories, review recent user activity, identify tasks to be performed, and proactively support users.

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