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I was curious to know if I can use this software for pressure transient analysis and if I can use an evaluation version of it for a while.

Owner's reply

It is meant to be a post-processor, after using conventional well testing software , in order to extracte the uncertainties.

This can be shared freely until late April, the access to it for a Trial/testing period: These are the access points both sandstone : with password : Mafjucysk1466552;

And carbonates : with password : Daver65198;

and the main site


Excel version
is this software available in simple excel format? how much is a license? Is there any documentation or online support available?
thanks in advance
Owner's reply

Software is made available Online, no Excel version.Most advanced feature around 1300-2500 USD yearly (monthly exists) but do ask for a for academics exist.
Documentation available on the website, online support comes with the purchase of course.Hope it answers your questions.

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