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re-studio workflows
RE-Studio Team,

Is there any demo and/or presentation available describing software features and workflows? In general, I want to get familiar with RE-Studio environment, interface and workflows. thanks

loading huge amount of data
I am working on a field with over 1000 wells and 40 years of production/injection data. I need to analyze and improve well-by-well history matching in this model. Does your software handle loading huge amount of data. What options does your software provide to ease well-by-well history matching in this kind of models?

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Compare PRT files
What I am currently looking for in a post processor is the ability to manage multiple PRT files from different runs and being able to compare them? Can I use RE-Studio for this purpose? It is so confusing going through various PRT file with different parameters.

What are the other software features? Is there any presentation and/or document describing software features?

What about a trial version?

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